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Vajaat 30 paratiisia parhaana vaihtoehtona tukevaa yleisimmin käytettyä näkökulmaa

Terveen maailman ja terveiden elämäntapojen muodostama paratiisi on paras vaihtoehto näiltä kaikilta yleisimmin käytetyiltä näkökantaryhmiltä.

Kirjastani "2013: Paradise like era":

"K. Gibran (a famous writer from Lebanon): " I have chosen both the joys of this world and peace in the world to come. Because I feel in my heart that the Upmost Poet wrote just one poem and its structure is perfect."

The concept of health is good for fitting together all the different viewpoints:
1) POWER (health gives strenght),
2) BENEFIT (health gives a strong and well arranged working force and consequently a high standard of living from which to benefit, healthy goals give a strong motivation),
3) FREEDOM (live and let others live is a rule to follow in order to achieve a maximum amount of freedom for everyone and a healthy society in this sense),
4) CONTROL (the health of practises makes people agree with the practises and creates no opposing forces),
5) life according to FEELINGS (healthily according to feelings is a part of the full health),
6) MORAL (moral means guarding the good health of the whole world, evil means needless breaking),
7) SCIENCE (a healthy animal is the fittest),
8) most RELIGIONs (a healthy world / a paradise and good moral are things to aim at),
9) COMPUTER logic (healthy = fully functioning = times 1, broken = non-funtioning = times 0),
10) COMMON SENSE (health is a common sense concept which all know well),
11) the UNBRINGING OF CHILDREN (those who bring up children are typically for healthy ways of living and good moral),
12) the views of the TRADITIONAL Finnish culture and propably of most other CULTURES too (it is good to cultivate good health and stupid to break needlessly),
13) a view capable of HANDLING LARGE INTERCONNECTED SYSTEMS (health is a good concept which can be generalised to all kinds of systems),
14) a SEXuality oriented view (what could be more attractive than health and happiness),
15) the points of view of aiming at MANliness or WOMANliness (healthy natural life according to emotions is what the charm and capacity of each sex is based on),
16) the view that NO MATERIAL WORLD exists (the wholes stay unchanged and the truth about healthy versus broken functioning stays valid),
17) the wish to PROTECT NATURE (health of the world means among other things the protection of nature),
18) the wish to DEVELOP TECHNOLOGY (a healthy life in a nature environment should bring the best ground for theoretical intelligence) and
19) the need to SECURE THE FUTURE.
20) a picture of humans according to which there is NO need for anyone to do experiments on humans like those during the HOLOCAUST
21) the hopes of exhausted WORKERS NEEDING REST and variation to their lives
22) the dream of just about all SCHOOL CHILDREN of more life and less dry school like things (see my book Work Efficiency and Likings (saman 2013... kokoelmakirjan tunneosio) for the rationality of feelings and the role of atmospheres in thinking) (This is my weakest point.)
23) the goal of solving the FIGHT BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL in a positive way via the concept of health - which should give you what you want or even more...
24) the SOVINIST point of view of wanting everything to be well grounded on hard values too (see my two books!)
25) the FEMINIST point of view of wanting respect for women's values: for feelings and moral (see my two books for the fitting together of these last two!)
26) hard WAR like rationality i.e. pure power play like if evil got to rule the world and there would be a fight over who is the strongest (health gives strength)
27) a view completely according to feelings and even the sense of BEAUTY
28) It is a view that could PREVENT people being CONTROLled BY the force of TECHNOLOGY etc. in a way that is in contradiction with the freedom of individuals or moral. (Health of the whole i.e. high moral is the most beneficial way to arrange things.)
29) ONE'S OWN GOOD, so that the harder one reaches for any goal or the harder one is pushed toward any direction, the more moral and positive for happiness one becomes (Health and allying with the health of the world = excellent moral, gives the strongest allegiancy.)

All these 28 viewpoints support the global paradise of a healthy world as the very best option when wacthed from that point of view.

Why happens this to be so? Is it just an unlikely coincidence? No: it is a truth which we can well trust since the EVOLUTION has shaped us so that our health and health of the society are what our nature, our feelings, instincts (= directions) and understanding (= a map, directed only because we have the goal of answering our needs which the feelings and instincts too help to answer) together, guide us toward and what gives us, the society and the world at large its best possible functioning."

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