lauantai 11. elokuuta 2018

Get a golden hair this way

I have a brown hair, quite typical Finnish, some say sandcoloured, and it has a light coppery shine in light, kind of which reminds me of golden shine and of summer cottage life, especially of attempting woodcraft type of handiworks at the summer cottage my parents (in fact grandpa) had when I was a teenager or young adult. Such is similar to the light shining around something when one walks toward sun, or like the emotionally touching thing's glow, and is quite typical for an ages old way of life healthily according to our nature with practical chores, nature and a way of living that increases wisdom and wisdom of life, with values wise and well respected. My blog reminds me of that: on that direction you could find such hair colour, and if your hair colour is dim, my eádvices about healthy ways of living and doing things could help but there are so very many of them . But propably this interests only children, even though these really are positive things in life for most Finns, but tha world is wide and even healthy ways of living differ, for example because of climate differencies..

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