perjantai 1. huhtikuuta 2016

Miten merkityksellistä?

"Ever wondered how many persons can be the world's best in their area
of interest? Looking at the variety of tv programs, one would guess
that many. But how many of them in your own country? If you take a
look at the neighbouring country most like your own country, and read
some material of theirs in some hobby of yours, you notice that they
have chosen different concepts, different theory perspective,
different things to compete at - and the ones in countries more
further away bear no resemblance to your own country's well thought of
goals. So all the best in all the things in one's ordinary picture of
the world are in one's own country! If you have some wisdom, others
don't have it, at all, not even as much as small kids in your own
country, since in other countries people survive and do well in their
lives entirely other roads, in entirely other ways of living with a
different picture of the wolrd. So you say that you rule the world
because you are best, but those in other countries think that you did
some minor service for them, like people do in their jobs, all do. So
they do not bother to read about it, instead they go to a meal and
discuss everyday things with the people they know. If you wait for
their opinion, you never get it, they say go have a meal, and shut up."
 Niinpä voit hyvin kannattaa paratiisiajatusta, saada sen tavoitteen läpikin ilman, että aihe kiinnostaa kaikkia muita, vaikka sillä olisi paljon kannattajia heidän alueellaan: mikä lie yksittäinen termi ja jokin paperinivaska yms mitä ihmiset yleensä työssään saavat aikaiseksi, ei kai sen suurempi käytännön parannus kumminkaan. Onhan työt tehtävä juuri siksi, että ne ovat elämälle jotenkin hyödyllisiä.

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