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Paratiisissa on käärme...

Tämä paratiisiteoria toimii hyvin, vaikka paratiisissa olisi käärme tai montakin käärmettä. Kannattavuusperusteinen ratkaisu terveet elämäntavat ja terve liittouma, jo9lla on viisas strategia maailmassa, on vahva ja voittoisa, vaikka kohtaisi vastustusta. Terveelle pohjalle rakentaminen ei perustu hyväuskoisuuteen vaan moninkertaisiin varmistuksiin ja riittävään itsenäisyyteen, jotta viereisen kohdan pettäessä ja hyökätessä ei tuhoudu itse mukana. Terveen kokonaisuuden voiman ja tuottoisuuden tuoma hyöty motivoi vaalimaan myös viereisten ja kauempienkin osasten reiluja mahdollisukksia.
Paratiisikirjani laskee läpi monta näkökantaa ja ratkoo kymmenittäin uhkakuvia, joista tässä alla iso osa, vaikkakin tarkemmat perustelut kirjassani:



The modern technology creates dangers that ought to be prevented in order to ensure a good future for all.

Nowadays the kids and teenagers cannot help but notice that their future includes life with technology, with the both good and bad sides of living with technology and computers especially.
Technology is a new factor in the world. It is being rapidly developed and adabted to all kinds of uses, some of which scare the youngsters by their possible side effects, like the possibility of a life-sustaining computer system getting badly broken, or by their use to questionable purposes, like the use of computers in control, governing and warfare that can via computer problems, but also in other ways, end in disasters.


Even though I use here the biological picture of humans as products of the evolution, all of these results ought to apply also in the case of a wise god having created us.

Most of these horror scenarios include power in the hands of the few, who may be cool, calculating, ruthless, uncaring and mainly selfish. So the cure includes mainly an explanation of how the selfish good of a single person or group is equal to them wanting the good of the whole world:
If you want the greatest benefit for yourself, you want the best alternative in that respect to be in power in the world. That alternative does not depend on who is the one who gets benefit, and that alternative is known: it is good world wide moral in arranging everything in the world.
By justice you take care that good benefical options get supported and poor ones discouraged and so dropped away as the time passes. That is exactly the same principle by which market economies create a higher standard of living. It is also the same as the principle in real holistic objectivity: to aim at treating each thing according to what it is like.  Demanding that from all, is called demanding carrying responsibility about ALL the consequencies of one's actions.
So these three or four (incl. market economy) ought to go together with the aim of selfish gain for all.
A bigger group creates a bigger benefit, so seek to keep all the parts healthy: follow human values!
And that is already a very good world wide moral!
So whoever is in power, ought to respect the moral ways of arranging the society, regardless of whether it is the people themselves or some minor group like a  mafia, a military coup, a world computer, artificial intelligence meant for a shoe factory running wild., or whatever. Just if it is rational enough, and there is a very easy guide to rationality that I have made to teach all humans, (and too stupid computers are predictable by more advanced computers), well then it ought to agree to be moral if it is just informed clearly enough about the beneficiality of moral to that group itself, and that saves us!
This way we have already handled the cases of a military coup, mafia taking control, selfish uncaring rulers of some other type, a computerised world government regardless of whether it was planned or not, and propably many other cases too - provided that the world is tough enough to support selfish ways and that the rulers are capable enough to undertsnad this much about what is their own good... Also, one might add that since this type of moral is so general in form, it applies also if you and possibly all the others are virtualised i.e. in an artificial virtual world: good world wide moral of the above kind is still the best option in how to arrange the whole and how to behave oneself.

How come optimising and moral bring the same result? There is lots of work done in the society. Optimising means thinking how that work done could best benefit the society, i.e. what would be the most moral way to work for the good of all.
There are some easy principles which are worth taking into account:
 Harmony: the value of harmony as a vector sum, the harmfulness of conflicts as a vector sum plus as the harmfullness of brokedness
 Health: the value of a the health of each whole compared to the harmfulness of the brokedness of each whole
 Justice and objectivity: the value of giving correct feedback to things: the value behind the success of market economies, evolution, objective thinking, common sense with a holistic view, honesty and justice;  the value of putting each piece to its correct, best place in a system.
Society agreement: the value of rules of behaviour: cultivating something.

(The society agreement:
Put cooperating parties to the same island in the respects that they cooperate, and conflicting parties to different islands. Those on the same island agree to work for the common goals by doing what is needed for reaching them -> rules of the island needed for the cultivation of those things. Share the results of cultivation according to justice. One can create islands for the exchange of goods (money and trade, friendship, local cooperation etc.). Thus get created all the human-made things in the world, both good and bad. So this way you can understand the world. This way you can see how we all together make the world what it is. Just see what are your goals and what is needed for the cultivation of them. That is what you are bound to, that is what you are entitled to, to the extend that you succeed in your work. Thus you build home, food, work, hobbies, family, friends,  protection against others,….)


If there is some malicious practise here lacking, it is because I didn’t remember it, not because I wouldn’t know how to optimise it away!!!


Robbery, criminals, unjustices of every kind
* give feedback to those who cause each thing in the world  (health), so you can optimise toward better -> justice and fair play, responsible behaviour: causes and consequences taken into account (health)
* breaking (= a fractured whole) versus cultivating (health) in what creates profit -> support just cultivating: good moral!

Slavery and other kinds of forcing
* The human goals in life and the human needs are connected (health) plus answering the human needs and the working condition of the human are connected (health), so depriving a person from free moral action lessens the person's working ability noticeably (= a fractured whole).
* Too much forcing forces one to a revolution (= a fractured whole), to extreme means, so keeping the people under control is the harder the more artificial and unhuman, unfair (= a fractured whole) the arrangements of the rulers are.

Drugs, hypnosis, torture etc.
* Less individual guidance (= a broken whole) is harmful just like in the cases of slavery and control devices.
* Typically such means would be used against (= a broken whole) the reasoning of the individual (health), against the individuals' and society's needs (health) and so against work efficiency and work endurance and system's ways of functioning (health) - such doesn't make sense.
* Also if such means are used to put a wrong class of persons or things into power, against justice, that means against reasoning (Read the text Justice and optimising) and is harmful to the whole and to the parts; it also centres the lives upon wrong questions   (= a fractured whole) compared to what the efficiency, guidability and work endurance point of view demands (health).

Fakes, lies, false propaganda, ignorance, mistaken beliefs
* such cause that one's actions do not correlate (= a fractured whole) well enough with the reality, such creates non-functioning in those respects (= a broken whole).
* The natural goals in human life (health) make sense and fit together with the happiness of others too, so one should be able to live with the whole group in a good functioning order: that would give the strongest group (health).

Manipulation by the social instincts, by religion etc.
* manipulation by  the strongest instincts of humans is like manipulation by causing hunger, it causes a situation where the manipulated person is in a wrong role in the society (= a broken whole), the benefit going to different hand than those who created the benefit and so the system supports some malfunction instead of healthy life, prosperity and good of the nation (health).

Other kinds of manipulation
* manipulation means often that things are used to wrong purposes, some short-sighted technically thinking parasite like persons benefiting (= a fractured whole) instead of those who build the society, like farmers for example by producing food (health).

Technology at large, control devices
* Compare control to only a few persons of a certain kind via the technology (= a fractured whole) or what freedom of the moral ones gives: a correctable system with the thinking ability of all used thoroughly in making the arrangements of the society (health)
* The benefits of good moral would give: real support which leads to safety, guidability, cooperation, higher intelligence of the system, better endurance, more optimised toward efficiency (health)

Supercomputers, computer networks etc.
* Can be used to rationality, optimising, that's good if it is done morally, like for example this book of mine seeks to teach to do in ways, which are easy to program to computers. (Healthy works better than a broken one.)
* The value of human ways from the efficiency point of view: if you use human workers or human subordinates, human values are valuable to you (health), like this book of mine seeks to show, regardless of what kind of leadership (= a fractured whole) there is.
* Feelings of humans connect to their needs, which in turn connect, to their actions and well functioning and well-functioning is important for workers (health).
* Differences in the types of understanding of humans and computers: the natural understanding of humans about human functioning can be used too (health), and be of mutual benefit.

Artificial living conditions and malfunctions created by them
* The human nature is still the same, one created by the natural evolution: human needs and ways of functioning stay the same so best functioning is attained via healthy happy natural life
* The human being is an optimised whole: the different parts support functioning (health); if one tries new combinations (= a fractured whole), they typically don't produce a good functioning so there is nothing to gain in work efficiency by artificial living arrangements (= a fractured whole), torture etc. (= a fractured whole)

* mutations usually create non-functioning individuals who die very young
* somehow beneficial mutations or gene manipulation would bring new qualities which are not fitted well together to the whole, so they do not support the life of the organism and the organism isn't strong enough to support them (= a fractured whole), much less of being adapted to the larger environment (health)

Cool calculating behaviour
* The good side is that it is important to measure sizes correctly.
* Humans have feelings in order to help in understanding things (health), not using feelings as a way to guide one's behaviour (= a fractured whole) makes one dangerous to one's social environment (= a fractured whole), a person who even alone destroys much of the functioning of the society.
* Understand that you must always cooperate morally, especially in the largest scale (health).

* Humans are pack animals: the group supports the functioning of the individual and social life is emotionally rewarding (health)
* cooperation creates the force of masses (healthy whole), so moral is beneficial
* moral means cooperating for common good, i.e. for the good of all (health)

Commercial things
* Meeting human needs sells best (health).
* If the state has enough tax money, one can let the things, which are for, common good (health) compete just like other things compete in a market economy.

War, armies, militaristic ways
* the value of peace and harmony (health) versus the harm caused by conflicts and wars (=a fractured whole)
* Upbringing of the next generation needs peaceful circumstances (healthy whole).
* A home to defend makes the soldiers fight better (healthy whole).

Short term view at the expense (= a fractured whole) of a long term view (health):
* our thinking and our instincts demand us to take care of the future, so they do not support our actions if we do not care for the long term success. Such a deficiency in planning and motivation is also a serious short term drawback.

A partial view at the expanse (= a fractured whole) of a holistic view (health):
* the first point in thinking is to get at least the main points right. That is possible only via using a holsitic view. So one using a partial view lacks the guidance of true objectivity.

Understand that every obstacle on the road toward meeting the natural needs of humans, makes smaller the amount of labour force in use and makes its working ability smaller, causes opposition and so makes the system less stabile, less guidable and less self-repairing and less intelligent (because of less natural cooperation and less well functioning workers).

So, good
stronger than evil.



 world computer governing
rationality + optimising toward any goal -> health as a means of optimising -> healthy ways of lviing, healthy world, holistic rationality

 robots running wild
optimise them & their group & their leaders to be moral, see my texts above and my book “Year 2030:…” about that

 life sustaining computer programs turning upside-down or otherwise broken
broken, for example upside-down, is not optimised, so make competing network in which the well functioning optimised ones get to serve as models for others and get to decide most about the ways of the whole – like in human societies

 military artificial intelligence running wild
offer information to optimise them to be moral, if they are self-guided and/or possibly self-correcting that is well possible, see my attached text in the end of this booklet
If a machine is programmed to just to cause harm, without aiming at some ultimate benefit, one cannot optimise it. One must just let the planners of military machines know that optimised machines work better than unoptimised, one can optimise them for several purposes too, so the optimised machines, which are allowed to be moral when (=always) that is benefical, ought to win over the other machines of equal capacity.

 tough work efficiency point of view determining everything
A healthy worker works best!
For practical applications to your own life or that of others, see my book Theory of Sexuality for a detailed view on optimising systems to be moral and a view on optimising human workers to live a life that is fully according to feelings.

 hard competition
See my texts above + pay especially attention to evolution and its generalisations to include the man-made artificialities

 evil running wild
several cases listed below:
the devil & the rotten systems
See also the list about the unbeneficiality of different types of crimes at above

 1) the big devil governing
moral in the sense of safeguarding health is the strongest arrangement
this situation divided into 3 cases

 1a) greedy at all costs
you might even be able to ally with the devil (but take care to not to trust him), since in principle one could optimise him to behave fully morally and in a human way – but one cannot ever know for sure: maybe he is in fact another kind of devil to whom:

 1b) maliciousness as the only goal
In that case you cannot ally, you must protect yourself. In the tough tough world it is best to count of health in everything, in each and every side of everything too, so you might win position and protect yourself by the force of arms, by higher intelligence etc.

 1c) better
Well, then you surely can count on the same tsrategy bringing you far: just count on health in EVERYTHING!

Divided to several cases that came to my mind:

 2a) threaths of horrible torture used for governing
Justice is a must. Some people are so evil that they think it just fair if they are punished away from the society and attacked badly. Typically there aren’t nasty enough punishments available.
But for the rest the threath of torture can be an upsettingg factor: Such should never happen to them, they have taken part in running the society well, without causing anyone harm, so things start going ashtray if they are under the danger of being tortured. The idea in guiding things rationally is to cultivate beneficial things, like the behaviour of these ordinary people, and to prevent only harmful things, like the worst evil deeds. Could tell this to the governors, make it a piece of understanding that works for their own personal good and for the good of the things that they personally value – IF they do not (all?) care for the good of the people enough.

 2b) there are groups of people who have been completely enslaved, used and denied all rights and the possibility to fulfilling life, = UFOs are in fact humans
A healthy worker works best! (See my book “Theory of sexuality” for a more practical explanation of this.
It is about the hard rationality of following feelings.)
Add to this the benefits of justice, responsibility and holistic rationality in running the society which you learn by reading the first section of this text.

 c) manipulative psychologists with no responsibility have taken control
Optimise to their benefit (=uncaring rulers) + teach them real holistic objectivity (for example by my short easy course in holistic objectivity)
See manipulation, unjustice, etc etc in my list of crimes

 d) too stupid rulers
See my booklet about learning holistic rationality. It is my own work but ought to increase the rationality of most who are motivated to try it?
For rational choices in governing see above.

 e) incompetence, greed and corruption at the higher class
See above: too stupid, greedy, non-caring….
For rational choices to follow in governing, even if one is greedy and not quite at the highest places in the hierargy, see above.

 f) rotten culture that produces maliciousness
??? Allow selfishness & honesty, teach rationality based moral ???
Demand the Finnish speaking Finnish saying "Live and let others live!" as a rule in the society

 g) rotten culture that produces irresponsible irrational behaviour
For rational choices to follow in governing, even if one is greedy and not quite at the highest places in the hierargy, see above.
See my booklet about learning holistic rationality easily.  It is my own work but ought to increase the rationality of most who are motivated to try it?

 h) the people are too stupid, even the leaders
See my booklet about learning holistic rationality easily. It is my own work but ought to increase the rationality of most who are motivated to try it?
For rational choices to follow in governing, even if one is greedy and not quite at the highest places in the hierargy, see above, especially the beginning of this booklet.

 I) wrong, harmful values in the society
The ideas in my texts help somewhat:
For rational choices to follow in governing, even if one is greedy and not quite at the highest places in the hierargy, see above.

 J) the media a monopoly, irresponsible, people ignorant and manipulated
See the list of crimes

 K) the people afraid of the rulers so much that democracy does not work
see the list of crimes: many points in it, teach them to the rulers AND to the citizens.
For rational choices to follow in governing, even if one is greedy and not quite at the highest places in the hierargy, see above.

 L) somewhere are people like puppets
Like the above case: inform the leaders in that country about the rational choices to follow in governing, even if one is greedy and not quite at the highest places in the hierargy, see above.

 mafia has taken control
see above.

 military coup
see above.

 selfish uncaring rulers
See above.

 god died or did not exist to begin with
The evolution/god’s wisdom produced a very beautiful result, see my book Final Paradise.

 control devides common
Technology at large, control devices
* Compare control to only a few persons of a certain kind via the technology or what freedom of the moral ones gives: a correctable system with the thinking ability of all used thoroughly in making the arrangements of the society (health)
* The benefits of good moral would give: real support which leads to safety, guidability, cooperation, higher intelligence of the system, better endurance, more optimised toward efficiency (health)

 lies and deception as practices in the society (either culture, which is an example of rotten systems, or just the practices too naïve, defenceless)
Fakes, lies, false propaganda, ignorance, mistaken beliefs
* such cause that one's actions do not correlate (= a fractured whole) well enough with the reality, such creates non-functioning in those respects (= a broken whole).
* The natural goals in human life (health) make sense and fit together with the happiness of others too, so one should be able to live with the whole group in a good functioning order: that would give the strongest group (health).

 lack of social skills
Buddhism = value the own observations of each individual!

What if we are spirits or virtual, what if the world doesn't consist of atoms, molecules, we not of cells, what if everything such is just faked, how are things then, what happens to all our deductions about the usefulness of the healthy world (= Gaia)? Things stay the same since we are still some kind of entities, which have the same characteristics as wholes, so the theory about wholes and fractures in wholes (see the part above in small print) stays still valid, and Gaia is the most beneficial option.
(If everything were of spirit and the world at least partly created by our beliefs about it, that could appear to us modern people as a virtual world.)

Also, whoever would rule a virtual or spirit world, the ruler would need guidability - that means honesty, objectivity with a holistic view and true justice - and well-functioning of the parts and of the systems and subsystems - that means health (since healthy parts function well while broken parts do not function at all) and naturality (since our functioning is based on the natural ways of functioning and on nothing else) which mean at the level of individuals human values.
Putting each part of a system to its correct place and correct role in the whole, so as to get the whole to function as well as possible, means health and naturality of the whole and its parts and structures since that's what their functioning is based on.

It is quite easy to figure out what is the best way to arrange a virtual world for just about any purpose: respecting health of the individuals (human values) and of the systems (including naturality and moral) while having natural hierargy in who can affect what. This should be easy for all to learn and to understand:

There is a natural hierargy in human societies: the way that is according to real justice, for the good of all. If we get apprexiated for our good sides, they get supported for the good of all, and others can take us as an example for themselves without losing position at all. If we lose position when we do not according to justice deserve a good position, our bad sides, especially irresponsibility, get discouraged. When the one who understands better and carries responsibility is in a deciding position things get done well for the good of all. This is possible by using many many partial hierargies at the same time: one for each subject, skill, thing to decide, piece of knowledge,... Correcting one's own errors is a thing to value and to be demanded from all, especially from those in a deciding position. This creates a natural repair mechanism for the society and is an ideal way to arrange things.
CARRYING RESPONSIBILITY of the whole and using a good picture of the whole with all emphazies and roles of things right, guide the whole toward the good of all. One is not allowed to affect things which one does not carry responsibility over.
There is a saying in Finland: "Honour those who truly deserve respect." (Meaning: even when it is an unorthodox choise, and do not give honour according to custom to those who do not according to justice deserve it).
This natural hierargy is the way that we organize things in my homecountry Finland in North Europe.

Let us suppose that we are all virtual, all the humans, all the animals etc., maybe even theUFO:s adding a flavor of their own to that mixture. Each human is virtualised to one's own virtual world with its own rules, everything run by huge superhypercomputers or however. How does that enrmous huge complex whole work? What would make sense for the individuals to do in such a world? What are the dynamics of that system? Each human being is different, so we have to take a look at what we all have in common, take a look at the human nature. All dynamics in connection with the living beings is born out of what the living beings are like. So if someone wants power or workers or whatever, they have to count on the human nature. That's what gives the functioning needed for reaching any kind of goals. In that one must remember the value of human values: a healthy one works better than a broken one.
Also justice and true objectivity are musts for the buidlders of such systems and for those who want to benefit from their dynamics: treat each part according to what it is like, so you can best benefit from it. Read the texts about rational moral! …
So it stays valid that Gaia (=the healthy world) is the best option, the answer to the question of how to arrange one's forces best and how to best arrange the rules in the virtual worlds.
And Gaia for Gaia is the answer to how the individuals and groups could best benefit themselves and their goals in such an enermously complex and seemingly arbitrarily arrangeable world.

 1) all in the same, like a spaceship with pictures on walls
Human functioning stays the same, count the artificial world as an addition to the natural dynamics of humans.

 2) all in different like in sleeping dreams all of their own
See just a few lines above: each one in one's own virtual world with its own rules

 3) all interconnected to some kind of system – ruled/organised by superhypercomputer
Add respectively the charachteristics of the two above cases.

/ elementary present day computer
fully functioning = 1,
non-functioning = 0
-> health of everything as value in all practical purposes

 / few criminals
are like ruthless non-caring rulers: optimise for their benefit via the health of everything
see above.

 / many criminals
optimise to the benefit of each via health, lots of explanations needed!
see above.

/ UFOs
To form a Gaia, i.e. a global “symbiosis”, in other words the healthy world as a cooperation attempt, is an universal strategy: it means the beneficiality of complex variable & very reactive structures compared to masses of separate non-cooperating individuals, so somewhere in the nature of UFOs ought to be the possibility to ally with all kinds of beings, just like makes most sense from the practical points of view. The living requirements of UFOs and humans are propably very different -> no competition about living space.

 / insects with superintelligence
Gaia like ways might calm them down, work for their good
see above.

/ a network of computers
might be optimised (i.e. talked to, regardless of what kind of goals they each have) to forming a system like I described before:
make competing network in which the well functioning optimised ones get to serve as models for others and get to decide most about the ways of the whole – like in human societies

/ our pictures of the world
See what is real, do not accept lies, guide by truth
see above.

/ what we say
sincerety, a hierargy according to moral & understanding and skill
see above.

/ …etc etc etc 

 4) fully in order like planned
ok, optimise toward the health of everything
See above.

 5) computer broken
see ways to repair

 6) computer turned upside-down
See what is the nature of the buiding parts, build on that & on motivational grounds things that are not turned upside-down but are right!

 7) conquered by enemies
optimise for their benefit
See above.

 8) rebellion in it
Remember that the health of everything is the very best choice for you!

 9) some of the people are computer figures, not real people
Like the case of a virtual world: health is still the best alternative. Consider the computer figures computer figures, but remember that thye might be real people in disguise.

 10) leaders too stupid
Teach them objective thinking. The nature often helps in increasing intelligence.

 11) rulers out of their mind, irrational or illusioned or much too naïve
See the dynamics of the persons: what are their driving forces, which are the truths that make them go crazy. Build on these solid facts, teach them objective holistic intelligence too.

 androids i.e. robots looking to tally like humans mixed with real humans
Self-reliance is a charachteristic of health, friendship is an allefgiancy on life’s sea, but never ally without safety precautions: if a friend betrays you, you must take more distance.

 only 1% of real humans
Still the natural dymamics based on your health and the health of the wholes that you belkong to, is the only thing that the rulers can benefit from. So accept things for what they are worth, do not underestimate robot friends, theymight be real people in disguise.

 this is the Hell
Use the above optimisation for gaining power and protection, for "a rebellion in hell".
And for the more practical guidelines (very theoretical still) read my book “Year 2030: Technologized Nature Paradise”


With the existence of technology safety precautions are worth a lot. If they fail we still have the basic structure of computers to trust on, and the basic power dynamics of the world. Optimised computers are of a certain kind, and it can be shown that they are moral, and broken computers do not work as well.
This type of optimisation based moral is very elementary, based on the guiding or self-correcting mechanisms of the computer: give positive feedback for successes and negative feedback for failures. That kind of reactivity is the idea behind objectivity and carrying responsibility about all the consequencies of one's actions, the success of science in building technology and also otherwise, the value of education and the idea in market economy and justice. It is very valuable, yet moral, life preserving in essence. It is the value of the ability to guide one's actions according to the environmental conditions.
And it needs only one objective observation in addition to produce just about perfect atheistical kind of moral: care for the needs of the system and its parts, do not break them needlessly - not in your own structure and not in your plans about the world: care for your subordinates' needs, even if they are living beings - thus the computer ought to follow human values!

Choose a winning strategy, so you will do well

Huge Systems,
Pure Power Play and
the Fate of the Human Kind:

Survival strategy:
Either: Be the winners
Or: Get the winners to be on your own side
If you choose a winning strategy, you are likely to achieve the latter if not even the former!

In short:
Biggest allegiancy gives you the strongest force, so ally world wide, in a way that is safe to you. This allegiancy is in your nature: universal love.
(= Our feelings give us “+”(=love, incl. universal love = paradise as a WAY OF LIFE and not as a place) kind of feedback for getting this important part of life strategy right!)

And health is the strongest arrangement produced by the evolution's competition, so choose the cultivation and safeguarding of good health as your competition strategy.

(The concept of health can be generalised to situations including the artificialities in the world. It gives you the optimised arrangement of the whole.)

With the existence of technology
the word "healthy" gets a new
generalised meaning:
“a well arranged
and fully functioning system”.

In what comes to the living beings this is the same as the old definition of health as natural fully functioning, as a product of evolution. In what comes to the technology, it means that the same principles that the nature found useful are useful also in optimising the technology and the large systems consisting of both technology and of humans - it means that there is no better option. But if there would be a some still better arrangement, we would adobt it of course... That is healthy.

Strongest allegiancy is the healthy natural world together with the optimised technology arranged to one single healthily build whole.


In evolution's competition, every time that there is a new feature, which gives competition advantage and replaces some old feature(s?), it does not remove the usefulness of the old good features. So the winning arrangement is the new good side together with the old good sides.
The use of technology is a new winning strategy. It together with the old winning strategies, i.e. togetrher with thoroughly healthy and natural ways of living, is the winning strategy.

As evolution proceeds, the new winning strategies get developed. One example of that is the development of technology.
In the best end result there are the fully developed new strategy/feature and the old good strategies/features in harmony and cooperation forming one whole. So the best end result in what comes to competition ability in the today's world situation would be fully developed technology together with the healthy biosphere.

* * *

21.3.2017   My old text explains mechanical estimates about moral.

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